New System Purchase Recommendations

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New System Purchase Recommendations

Post  dforrest on Fri 02 Jun 2017, 1:32 pm

My current desktop system, on which I do all my computing, appears that it is not going to last much longer, giving me constant problems which are probably mother board or power supply related.

Can anyone advise me on a good system to purchase mainly for the use on MSTS and Open Rails (other uses are somewhat incidental!)?

I am retired, living on a pension and savings, so cost is a factor but I do want to purchase a good system which should last me for several years.  I would be purchasing it from the USA.


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Re: New System Purchase Recommendations

Post  slipperman12 on Fri 02 Jun 2017, 3:34 pm

Hi David,
Have you considered building your own PC?  It would certainly be better than purchasing an "off the shelf" model, which are usually built to a price-point.  The alternative is to have one built to your specifications by one of the specialist firms.

Whichever way you go, when choosing a CPU, I recommend Intel over AMD every time and, as you'll be running MSTS, an NVIDIA graphics card in the xx50, or higher, range  (eg 750ti, 950, 1050, etc).


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Re: New System Purchase Recommendations

Post  Scampispeedway on Fri 02 Jun 2017, 6:42 pm

Hi David, I would never buy an off the shelf computer as you never get the one you want at the best price.
I'm lucky that over in Gateshead is a company who can assemble one that will do exactly what I require.
I still have the invoices I paid for the two I've bought from them and just shows how much prices have
dropped for better computers, i.e. in 2006 I paid just over £800.00 whilst in 2012 paid only £600 for the
one I'm still using today.
The only change I've made to the latest one is upgrade the Graphics Card from a AMD 6570 to a Geforce
GTX 960 for which I bought a better PSU with the latest connectors, these cost me £200 and a few pounds
to have fitted.


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Re: New System Purchase Recommendations

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