Eighteen inch gauge route ( Kirklees United Railways )

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Eighteen inch gauge route ( Kirklees United Railways )

Post  Markh5682 on Mon 11 Mar 2013, 5:48 pm

Route Name = Eighteen inch gauge route ( Kirklees United Railways )

Route Author = Andrew Lamin

Route Location = West Yourkshire

Route Mileage = Approx 5 miles

Route Era = Early 1920s

Route Source = UKTS file 19743

Additional files required to be installed = UK Finescale - X Tracks - UKTS file 16429 cabview

Route Description =
Eighteen inch narrow gauge route for MSTS, with stock and one starter activity.

This is an attempt to represent a piece of Briitish railway history that is very seldom modelled, and places a number of linked systems into the West Riding of Yorkshire. Although relatively little known, Britain's largest narrow gauge railway system, at Woolwich Arsenal was of 18in gauge and at its zenith had over 30 miles of track and 62 locomotives in service, including the world's first commercial compression ignition loco.

The route uses Okrasa Ghia's 3ft gauge track sections, but all objects and rolling stock to twice normal scale (as they are on Colin Tucker's Festiniog and Steve Pontin's Tal-y-llyn for instance). As far as I know, this route is the first to use this combination, so the rolling stock will not look right on any existing route. (The stock will actually run on any MSTS route, but the wheels will only make contact with the rails on 3' gauge routes, and the vehicles will look ridiculously large on these).

See UKTS file 19772 for the "Horwich Works Engines and Stock" pack to run on this route, other suitable stock for this route by the same author is available in the UKTS file library


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