SDJR - Pool Goods.

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SDJR - Pool Goods.

Post  abclare on Thu 16 May 2013, 3:10 pm

Hi All.

I changed the start time of this Activity using Activity Changer and it failed as it ran out of time but by the Act time in the next station window it shows that it still has 16mins left any idea why please? Shocked

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Re: SDJR - Pool Goods.

Post  slipperman12 on Thu 16 May 2013, 8:33 pm

Hi Art,
I have replied to your post on UKTS as follows :
I haven't run this activity, but have had a look at the .act file.
There is a Timed Event in this activity which triggers 26 minutes after its start, ie 14:35. The message regarding 14:35 is 'hard-coded' into the activity, so just changing its start time, as you did with Activity Changer, wouldn't affect anything.

I don't know how to change the appropriate values in AE, or AC, but this appears to be the appropriate section of the .act file :
EventCategoryTime (
EventTypeTime ( )
ID ( 6 )
Activation_Level ( 1 )
Outcomes (
ActivityFail ( "You failed to pick up the six rakes of goods in Poole Goods Yard before 14:35, with regret, you're fired." )
Name ( Time0 )
Time ( 1560 )

The Time ( 1560 ) at the end, is 26 minutes, in seconds; if you changed your start time to be 16 minutes earlier, you will also need to change this Time value to be 2520 ( = 42 minutes, which is the original 26 plus your additional 16 minutes).

I must point out that I've not checked this out, and I am a novice at Activity writing, but, to me, it seems a fairly logical solution.

Hope this helps Smile (Hope I haven't got it wrong all together Sad )



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