Coupling Strength

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Coupling Strength

Post  bharrison on Sun 14 Jul 2013, 10:53 pm


Got a query I need help with I'm doing an activity where a broken 313 has to be transferred to selhurst depot from Brighton for a serious repair. But I'm not sure if the couplings on the 313 are strong enough the barrier wagons coupling an the 313 coupling line are below.

barrier wagon a SR BG MK1

Coupling (
Type ( Automatic )
Spring (
Stiffness ( 1e6N/m 2e6N/m )
Damping ( 1e6N/m 1e6N/m)
Break ( 3.2e6N 3.2e6N )
r0 ( 20cm 40cm )

Coupling (
Type ( Automatic )
Spring (
Stiffness ( 5e6N/m 0 )
Damping ( 1e6N/m/s 0)
Break ( 2e7N 0 )
r0 ( 15cm 1e9 )

do you need the loco coupling aswell.

Thank You Ben  A4PSmemberTSSH Footplate Crew

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