Possibility After Actober

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Possibility After Actober

Post  mikehendle on Mon 19 Aug 2013, 11:25 am

I have been thinking of some thing to carry on from June and Actober,and that is a stock month,I have been looking at the new routes that have been added and in the pipe line,and while some have new loco's and coaching stock others are lacking.

Thames-Mersey and Thames Trent lots of new Loco's and Ex LMS Phase 1 &2 Coaches in Maroon\Crimson\Cream,also LMS Phase 1\2\3 coaches.
Woodhead and MEP+ plenty of new Loco's and of course Justin's Greseley Coaches and Pullmans.

Danny's South Eastern Plenty of nice new loco's but coaches a different matter,You can make a lash up of Maunsell coaches using the Push Pull set,and trailer cars from the 4 Buf\Res and 6 Pan,but Maunsell made a set of narrow coaches for the Hastings Line, Bulleids there are some old ones in the library,but not a full set,no restaurant or buffet cars,the only full set of Bulleids are the old BATS ones but not every one has these,so difficult to make activities for.

Tony Hap's steam era Bris-Card well catered for with steam loco's but again lacking BR Ex GWR coaches there are some old 3 car packs but none make a proper set,I suggest a complete Collett coach pack,similar to the Frank Sandwell GWR coach sets.

This only a thought


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Re: Possibility After Actober

Post  rufuskins on Mon 19 Aug 2013, 11:48 am

The general concept is good and is well worth considering. Presumably it might be possible to repaint some existing GWR coaches for upload assuming permission could be sought and obtained?

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