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Post  Markh5682 on Thu 31 Jan 2013, 12:44 am

Useful links to all things MSTS

UK based huge download library and long established forum for all things MSTS, Railworks and various other sims.
As above but US based.

Australian based forum. MSTS Page
Updates and extra content for MSTS, (MSTS Update required for MSTSBin)
No longer available from Microsoft, get them from steam4me......

Australian site for Australian themed MSTS download content, also the best resource for MSTS tutorials and error message fixes.

Making Tracks
Payware MSTS site with forum and some freeware downloads.

Unofficial update patch for MSTS, most new content now requires MSTSBin to be installed for it to work.

Train Store V3.2
One of the most useful utilities for MSTS, Speeds up MSTS loading and allows you to install as much DLC as you like without overloading MSTS.

Train Store V3.2.2
Product update to V3.2.2  (V3.2 must be installed before this update is applied .)

Train Store V3.2.2 Win 7
Product update to V3.2.2  for Windows 7 (V3.2 or above must be installed before this update is applied .)

Open source train simulator to run MSTS content, program is still WIP but usable, and is hoped to be the future of MSTS.

Route Riter
An invaluable suite of essential tools for MSTS.

A set of new road shapes for MSTS, required for many route downloads.

UK Finescale
UK Finescale track system, needed for many routes to run.

X Tracks
Track set needed for many routes to run.

Y Tracks
Track set needed for some European routes.

Z Tracks
Metric gauge track for European routes.

US track system needed for some US routes.

Very realistic German Track system.

Missing shape file required by some routes, download both the .s file and the .sd file and copy them into your global/shapes folder.

Payware consist builder and utilities used by many as their main consist builder.

A French freeware consist builder similar to Conbuilder, once installed, the language can be changed to English.

Shape viewer
View any shape file in 3D with this viewer.

Shape fixer
Fixes problems in shape files

Shape file manager
Allows you to edit your shape files.

Tweaks, Utils and Improvements
Some useful little utilities for MSTS, includes the tsunpack bug fix.

MSTS Track viewer
View MSTS routes in a track diagram format.

Tsection Build00044
The latest version of tsection.dat - tsection44.

An updated soundcfg file, fixes problems with the default soundcfg.

Very nice freeware Russian routes and stock.

Maple Leaf Tracks
Canadian based payware site.

3D Trainstuff
US & UK payware Routes, stock and activities for MSTS, plus their new Run8 train simulator.

Coals to Newcastle
Australian freeware add on's.

Obo's MSTS Locomotive Catalog
Links to thousands of MSTS locos worldwide
Links to lots of MSTS content

Freeware unicode text editor, ideal for editing MSTS files.

MSTS Highlighter for Context
An MSTS specific highlighter for Context.

Ricks Transparent Driving Aid
One of the better transparent replacements for the default driver aids, MSTSBin also comes with a good transparent driver aids included.

Polymaster (freeware) - Can sort out the alphas when using TSM so scenery objects don't disappear.
Tutorial on Steam4me
Thanks to Clive (Casperdog) for this link

German Railroads developer payware site.

Short North Carriage and Wagon Engineering Workshops
Free New South Wales (NSW) locomotive and wagon add-ons for MSTS

Australian developer of commercial locomotive add-ons for MSTS

Elvas Tower
Forum and downloads for MSTS and Railworks.
Thanks to Alec for reminding me about this site

Train Simulation New Zealand, The Download Source for New Zealand Add-ons!
Lots of MSTS content, inc. routes and stock, well worth a look.

Step-by-Step Guide to Train Sim Activities
This Train sim activity creation manual was withdrawn by Abacus in 2012, but the good news is that the author, Rich Garber, has now made it available on his website.
The price is the same as Abacus sold it for ($10) and the PDF download can be purchased from the above link.
Thanks to Ged (slipperman12) for this link

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Routes for Microsoft Train Simulator (v3) by Michael Vone
Michael has updated this package and very generously made it available as freeware. As well as the Guide, his Object Rotator and the completed tutorial route are included. The Object Rotator contains its own manual.
This file is also available from
Thanks to Ged (slipperman12) for uploading this and the link

Sierra Menera Metric Track system for continental routes (Spanish language site)
Thanks to Ged (slipperman12) for this link, an Italian language site, lots of nice mainly Italian downloads

AMD Graphics card fix to allow the running of MSTS under windows 8/8.1/10 whilst using AMD graphics card.

See post #16 in the link.

Please note:-

If the AMD drivers are updated, either through Windows Update or by installing updated drivers from the AMD site, the procedure detailed in the fix MUST be repeated, otherwise MSTS will fail.

There's no guarantee that this fix will always work. It depends on the actions of AMD and/or Microsoft.

As Abacus have discontinued their MSTS related content, TSM is no longer available to buy from Abacus, used copies may still turn up on Amazon marketplace, eBay or similar auction sites.

Train sim modeller (TSM))
Payware 3D package produced by Abacus for creating MSTS content.

Now available as a freeware download from...................


Any comments on this list can be posted on Alecs MSTS - Helpful Facts and Links Discussion thread, Thanks.

If you have any appropriate links that you think should be added to this list, please PM them to me and I'll add them.  Very Happy


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