BR Maroon Liveried Stock Query

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BR Maroon Liveried Stock Query

Post  rufuskins on Thu 14 Nov 2013, 8:23 pm

I recently uploaded some maroon liveried exGWR Bow End Corridor coaches on UKTS, namely

File ID: 31882 Name:BR_exGWR_BowEnd_Corr_Maroon_V1

However I am now wondering whether the first class sections should have had the yellow line over? I would welcome confirmation or otherwise?

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Re: BR Maroon Liveried Stock Query

Post  slipperman12 on Thu 14 Nov 2013, 8:57 pm

Hi Alec,
I'm no expert, but it depends on which era the coaches belong in.
I found this :
as to a starting date , the parkin mk1 supplement details the minutes of the Carriage Standards Committee.

minute no. 3014, dated 1/8/62, references a couple of Traffic Conference minutes and states "When coaches pass through shops a yellow band is to be painted on all 1st class coaches and 1st class sections of composite coaches"
minute no. 3056, dated 26/9/62, details an official drawing being issued, showing "first class markings".

Also, in a later post :
The Southern Region introduced the bands above the windows, yellow denoting class and red catering, on some of its boat trains in 1960. The usefulness of the idea was slowly communicated to other regions and by 1963 the yellow band was quite widespread.

on this webpage :



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Re: BR Maroon Liveried Stock Query

Post  ianmacmillan on Thu 14 Nov 2013, 10:37 pm

Yellow stripes came in the little known livery change in 1961.

This included yellow fronts, yellow cantrail stripes for first. & red for catering.
Coach ends body colour.
Yellow livery for road vehicles (they never went maroon.)
Bauxite for all wagons and containers including unfitted (later dropped)
Boxed in lettering on goods stock.
Olive green for service stock.
Metric system for weights and measures lettering.


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Re: BR Maroon Liveried Stock Query

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