Paul Walker Actor from 'The Fast and Furious'

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Paul Walker Actor from 'The Fast and Furious'

Post  35005CP on Sun 01 Dec 2013, 11:45 pm

Hi all,
Not sure if anyone has been kept up to date with this, but Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas have died in a deadly car crash in a Porsche GT hitting a tree.
Very sad news indeed for all fans. (I was one of them) Crying or Very sad 
Paul did a lot for Charities and Children and Animals especially. May he 'Rest in Peace'

Here is a link;

There is a lot more information out there. I was devastated when I heard about it this morning.



P.S - I might be a Steam Fan, but also a fan of anything Motor-Related and especially what Paul did! And Mark Webber and others in the F1 scene have posted too about this. Thoughts with his Family and Friends. Crying or Very sad 

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