Glasgow Works Activities

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Glasgow Works Activities

Post  glasgowworks on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 5:55 pm

Hi Folks,

I have uploaded six activities for the Tunnel v1.1 route and it is currently awaiting approval:
ACTU01 11:10 London Charing X to Dover Priory
ACTU02 15:25 Dover Priory to London Charing X
ACTU03 18:21 London Charing X to Ramsgate
ACTU04 22:50 Ramsgate to Ashford
ACTU05 06:50 St Pancras to Brussels
ACTU06 12:52 Brussels to St Pancras

The first four activities mentioned above concentrates on the Ashford to Folkestone section, all operated under South Eastern using the Class 375/8 Electrostar unit.
The other two activities gives you an opportunity to ride on the Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel! Both acts are 30 minutes long, and runs between Ashford and Calais. You'll not find another Channel Tunnel routes for any Train Simulator!

You'll see plenty of traffic, including the freight to and from Dollands Moor behind the Class 92, the Class 395 Javelin on the South Eastern High Speed Service, and other South Eastern services operated by other Class 375s and 465s. You might even see the Class 171 from the Marshlink Line!

All stock is freewere, so no worrying about the payware stock!

While the new acts is awaiting approval (this might be a few days, UKTrainSim might be quiet as there is real life gets in the way), so we're keeping the older versions currently available until then.

Also, all of the existing acts for the West Highland Stage 2 is being updated. The paths for each activity now use the common paths, so this will save another path for the same meaning!

Also the main change is that the timber train is no longer seen on the first three activities. I have recently learned that the timber service had stopped in 2008 due to the recession, and as a result the timber train no longer runs anymore. However, it will make an appearance on all of the activities set in the 1980s (unlike previous versions).

So far, four have been completed, still to do two more and everything's updated.

Here's the status of the activities for West Highland Stage 2 as of 29/07/2015:

ACWH01 08:21 Glasgow QS to Oban - TESTED AND COMPLETED
ACWH02 12:11 Oban to Glasgow QS - TESTED AND COMPLETED
ACWH03 12:21 Glasgow QS to Oban - TESTED AND COMPLETED
ACWH05 Summer Service To Oban - TO BE REBUILT
ACWH06 Homeward Bound - TO BE REBUILT

If all goes well, then further activities may be created for both routes.

Cheers  Very Happy
Alistair Cowell

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Re: Glasgow Works Activities

Post  rufuskins on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 6:40 pm

You have been busy. Thank you in advance for activities that relate to some of the older but still current routes.

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Re: Glasgow Works Activities

Post  35005CP on Wed 29 Jul 2015, 9:12 pm

Thanks Alistair!

I can only echo Alec's previous post. Will be great for downloading and testing Ged's further APK app. Very Happy



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Re: Glasgow Works Activities

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